Testimonial From CEO,  Oil Industry.

“We ought to have been taught these simple yet sacred exercises as children. We have been robbed of knowing who we are and what is available to us, that is, being in the stream of  transcendent energy, which is our God-given right to experience.  If we could ALL  just stop and have this experience it would help us to remember who we truly are. Imagine how life would be on this planet when we approach it in this way.

I am deeply grateful for all the love expressed and shared. I have been in many, many groups over the past twenty years and never seen and felt such open beautiful hearts before. Lucy, I thank you from all my heart and soul. This weekend helped me remove the shackles and brought me my freedom of expression.”

-Mr. J. 54

Tantra Courses For Couples and

Single Men & Women 2024

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

(Coaching is Currently Full)
For Individuals or Couples.

Coaching is custom-designed to meet the needs of the individual or couple. Coaching is by phone or by video. Coaching is delivered in a series of 5-10 sessions, depending on what is needed. Each session is approximately 1 +  hour.

Sessions include assignments / or exercises for at – home practice.

Please contact us for more information and/ or to find out how to register. 416-333-7587 call between 1:00 pm-6:30 pm weekdays, or text anytime. Email or use the Contact Us button.

Tantra Level 1

Tantra Level 1

October 25, 26, 27, 2024

Registration is open.

For Individuals and Couples. Tantra is an ancient yogic tradition which explores relationship, love and connection from a spiritual perspective and explores how energy work enhances it all. This course/class is an extensive entry-level tantra workshop. For the schedule (course hours), topics covered and comments from past participants, click the LEARN MORE button below. To have a chat to see if this course is right for you, scroll down a bit and click on the Contact Us button that is below.

Tantra Level 2

Tantra Level 2

November 15-17, 2024

Prerequisite: Tantra Level 1

For Individuals and Couples. Tantra 2 is an intermediate-level tantra course.  It focuses on training in practical skills and in-course practice of those skills. It includes a manual for reference at home.

The Oli Program

The Oli Program

March 15, 2024

     7 weeks    Fridays  6 pm-10 pm 

Oli Program takes place by Zoom. 

Prerequisite: Tantra Level 1

Lasting Longer for Men.  For Women, this course teaches Sacred Inner Fire exercises for strongly heightened experiences.

The Oli Program will take place by Zoom (video conferencing). 

Prerequisite: Tantra Level 1

Questions? Discover If Tantra Is Right For You!


  • Deep connection / intimacy
  • Enhanced relationship
  • Remove blocks
  • Clear resentments
  • Generate appreciation
  • Be self-expressed
  • Attract the right  partner
  • Get over the past
  • Men-Last Longer
  • Women-stop the mental chatter, learn to let go
  • How to receive more love
  • Trust in women/ trust in men
See All Benefits
  • Women connect with Feminine Energy
  • Go from ‘routine’ to ‘extraordinary’
  • Men – Your Purpose permeates and elevates your life and relationship
  • Turn heads (even your spouses’s) with your newfound energy
  • Enhanced aliveness and well-being
  • Tantric skills to support enjoyment and  joy
  • Feel safe
  • Learn to relax to enhance your experience
  • Love again after heartbreak
  • Attract the relationship you want
  • Generate exceptional altered-states-of-well-being
  • Build a foundation of love and connection with both your self and your partner

Tantra: Honouring The Human Spirit  

-For Both Couples & Singles-

Tantra is a yogic tradition originating in India.  The purpose of Tantra is to provide tools for the human species to evolve and progress spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

You don’t have to be interested in spirituality, however, to enhance your relationship or your life.

Tantra works whether you ‘are spiritual’ or not. The body and energy system responds naturally to tantric exercises.  The body/energy system sheds blocks that stop you from having what you want and provides breakthrough results in concrete, life-changing ways.

Tantra Level 1 is both fun yet serious. It consists of  chakra theory, chakra meditations, breath work, energy flow experiences, energy sensing, exercises for receiving, elevating the masculine and feminine,  and demonstrations for what works best for each partner.

Clothing is worn during all parts of the course. 

“On a date I used everything, as instructed, and the night ended with fireworks.”

Questions? Discover If Tantra Is Right For You!


Lucy Becker was voted #1 Tantra Teacher in Toronto by NOW Magazine and blogTO. She is the founder of Tantra Workshops and has been teaching tantra workshops internationally for more than 25 years.

Lucy has been teaching tantra in Canada and the US since 1996 at the University of Toronto Women’s Centre, University of Toronto Peer Counselling Service, and The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Articles featuring Tantra Workshops have appeared in: Toronto  Star;  National PostFlare magazine and ELLE.  Television appearances include City TV. Radio includes broadcasts from programs in  Toronto, the USA and the United Kingdom.

Lucy has worked hard to establish a relationship of trust with the wider community and has built a reputation for delivering courses that provide life-changing,  long-lasting results in love relationships, for couples and singles alike.

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