Tantra Level 1

Friday 12:00 pm – Sunday 10:00 pm

Next Course: April 15-17, 2022

Tantra:  Blending Spirituality and Pleasure 

For singles as well as couples.

Tantra Level 1 is our Entry Level workshop.

To inquire about the course please email Lucy directly:

lucy at tantraworkshops dot com 

 or call us  at  416-489-0557   

The Level 1 workshop is mainly experiential and also interactive.  This means you experience first hand, by means of various methods and techniques, what tantric energy feels and how to use it in your life to improve or elevate your love life / relationship.  As well you learn theory to provide you with the understanding of why and how tantra works and the many purposes for which you can use it.  The tantric techniques and methods of the course provide transformational inner shifts and are practical ‘take home’  techniques that you can use regularly in your love life and many are even transferable to daily life.

Tantra is called conscious self-evolution.  In this course, you will dissolve known or hidden barriers to love, pleasure and intimacy.  Through your participation you will expand who you are, experiencing gentle internal shifts which alter your life /  your intimate life / and your relationship life forever.

For singles, these internal shifts enhance your ability to attract the right partner and, for couples, restore or maintain a loving and passionate relationship.

Included are exercises to deepen sensuality;  increase the energy of d*s*r*e;  access s*e*x*u*a*l self-expression; deeply connect and anchor the Masculine or the Feminine into the self; increase self-love; enhance the ability to love and be loved; increase or restore the ability to trust; understand the energy patterns that provide optimal arousal;  heal the past;  and become skillful with both pleasuring techniques and accessing bliss energy.

Methods include breath work, clearing and strengthening for the energy system, meditation, physical movement, interactive exercises, lecture, discussion, body work and journaling.

Location: The course location is to be determined and will be in Toronto. Participants to arrange their own overnight accommodations.

 No s*e*x*u*a*l activity in class, no n*u*d*i*t*y

Next Tantra Level 1 is October 14-16, 2022

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To inquire about course cost  please email (click here) or call *us  at  416-489-0557   


Tantra Level 1:  April 15-17, 2022 – Seats still available

Topics Covered

  • Heart Chakra – Heal and fortify the heart. Deepen love and trust
  • Sensing Energy    
  • Sourcing *S*e*x*u*a*l* Energy     
  • Intimacy – Learn to connect to the Divine
  • Presence – Learning to be  “in the moment”- presencing joy
  • Empowering Pleasure – generating *s*e*x*u*a*l* desire and *p*a*s*s*i*o*n*
  • Set Off Cascades of Life Force Into Your Relationship
  • Breaking Through Barriers to Freedom and Pleasure 
More Topics Covered
  • Women –  Expanding Your Femininity
  • Men – Rite of Passage for the Masculine
  • Ritual of Flow– Cause and Experience Subtle Energy Flow, Generating Bliss States
  • Male and Female Flow Patterns – Discover the important differences in Subtle Energy Patterns of male and female. How to use the proper pattern for each gender to optimize pleasure, not give sub-optimal pleasure- which is typically the outcome with conventional stimulation patterns that most people know about.  The method to revolutionize your bedroom technique and lovemaking skills.  
  • *G*e*n*i*t*a*l* Massage Techniques  – Demonstration, done on assistive devices.

Weekend Schedule

Short breaks approximately every 2 – 2 1/2 hours. 


12:00 Arrival and Sign-in

1 – 2:30 – Orientation, Theory
2:30 – 6:30 – Course
6:00 – 7:15 – Dinner
7:30 – 10:00 – Course


8:15  Breakfast

9:30  – 12:30 – Course
12:30 – 1:30 – Lunch
1:30  – 6:00 – Course
6:00 – 7:30 – Dinner
7:30 – 11:00 – Course


8:30   Breakfast

10:00 am– 12:30 – Course
12:30 –  1:30 – Lunch
1:45  –  4:30 – Course
4:30 –   5:30 – Dinner
5:45 –  10:00 – Course

Questions? Discover If Tantra Is Right For You!

To inquire about the course cost or if you have other questions,

please email Lucy directly at:   

lucy at tantraworkshops dot com. 

Or, call us at 416-489-0557