The Oli Program

Weekly on Friday's For 7 Weeks

Men: Ejaculation Control and Lasting Longer, Multiple Orgasm

Women: Super powerful consistent Orgasm and G-spot Orgasm.

February 24 – April 14, 2023 or August 11 – October 6, 2023

(Prerequisite is Tantra Level 1)

The Oli program strengthens orgasm for both men and women.  Men discover how to stay at high levels of arousal without ejaculating until they want to. The male multiple orgasm method is also taught.  Women learn to have strong, explosive orgasms that happen consistently (every time).  G-spot orgasm for women and achieving orgasm with penetration is taught.

Oli works to release blocks to pleasure.  In addition, Oli students experience a precise understanding and control over their sexual arousal patterns and orgasm, making for more intense, pleasurable experiences in partner sex or self-pleasure.

Oli is a way to open your body to more full – body orgasms and enter into alterations of consciousness during pleasure.

Oli takes place 2 times a year.

Courses take place via Zoom (video conference). 

The Oli Program is not an entry-level course.  The prerequisite is  Tantra Level 1.

We skip one Friday  mid-way through the course. Date will be announced at the first Lesson.

May 6-June 24, 2022

(Prerequisite: Tantra Level 1)


The Thunderbolt  Ejaculation Control & Male Multiple Orgasm
The Oli (Pronounced Oh-lee) Program is a training course to achieve ejaculation control, which is learned, not inborn. Ejaculation control training has been perfected over thousands of years by tantric yogis.  A step-by-step program to train the body for ejaculation control.

Prerequisite: Tantra Level 1

Course is co-ed. (Both men and women attend)
Manual is included.
Oli is available by Correspondence for those who can not attend this date.

  • Last longer
  • Have stronger orgasms
  • Have orgasms that last longer
  • Learn how to have male multiple orgasms
  • Prolong your ability to last in intercourse
  • 7 weeks of cutting-edge orgasm training
  • Comes with a course Manual, charts, diagrams
  • Coaching customized to you


Womb Fire Temple Goddess Training 

A 7-week program that fully alters a woman’s orgasm or inability to orgasm. Your body will undergo massive change so you can experience orgasms that are powerful, explosive and consistent.  You can have sexual completion regardless of how skilful your partner is. Discover how to orgasm during intercourse.  Learn to orgasm powerfully without a vibrator. Have orgasms that you feel throughout your entire body and that last longer. A tried-and-true method proven by temple goddesses for over a thousand years. Don’t leave home without it!

Course is co-ed. (Both men and women attend)
Oli is available by Correspondence for those who can not attend this date.
Manual is included.
Prerequisite: Tantra 1 

  • Get connected to your sensuality and your sexual self, without shame or guilt
  • Become orgasmic – if you are not orgasming / or are having trouble orgasming / or are not sure you are orgasming or have ever orgasmed
  • Have stronger, longer orgasms
  • Learn how to have Sacred Spot orgasms (G-spot orgasms)
  • If your orgasms are already awesome, take take it to the next level (yes, there is one)
  • Learn to orgasm during intercourse
  • Have orgasms that are powerful and explosive
  • Have orgasms consistently, every time
  • Open to the energy of orgasm – feel orgasmic sensations in a broader body area than the usual genitally-localized orgasm.
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