Tantra Level 2

Ecology Retreat Centre, Hockley Valley, Ontario.
Friday 12 pm - Sunday 9 pm

November 27 – 29, 2020

Note: This event will take place outside of Toronto in a lovely country setting.

Tantra Level 2 is a 3-day tantra weekend workshop,  Intermediate Level.

Conscious Courtship: For men, learn to take the lead in initiating lovemaking and what happens to your relationship when you expect a woman to take the lead. Learn to activate the instinctive, biological wiring in a woman that moves a her from casual interest all the way to the  bedroom. How to provide “thrills and chills” for your woman and keep the fire alive- or bring it back.

(see more below)

Living From the Feminine. (see below for description).

Energy Connection Touch Technique (see below)

Kama Marmas, Stimulating the Energy Love Points.

Passion Meditation: For women, an opportunity to travel through different waves of orgasmic sensation without any interruption or concern about having to ‘give back’. This exercise heightens both a woman’s orgasmic ability and her desire, tremendously. Women learn to communicate in a simple straightforward way about what you want, and have it provided.  For men, you learn to tune in to female orgasmic energy, which is very different from men’s. Men you will increase your confidence and sense of personal power as you discover you can to provide satisfaction easily to your partner. You learn to receive communication from a woman about what she wants in the bedroom in a way that is simple and does not trigger anxiety or shame.

Methods are lecture and instruction, interactive experiences, learning new tantra protocols (sequences of techniques) as well as practice in these energy protocols.  More Details below.  For singles or couples.   *Prerequisite: Tantra Level 1

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Conscious Courtship

What Men Will Learn

  • Discover what women really mean when they say “I want you to romance me before I go to bed with you”. Unfortunately candles, soft music and flowers don’t create romance. They create fondness – or frustration, if what she really wants, an experience of overwhelming passion, isn’t happening.  A woman is designed by evolution  to be ‘swept off her feet” – to be suddenly and strongly attracted to a man in a romantic way.  And you can learn to provide that experience for her.  You’ll learn how to activate this experience by understanding her evolutionary requirements for agreeing to sex.  This is especially important for relationships, since over time many couples find they are not as excited by sex or interested, or it has become routine or mechanical and that ‘the thrill is gone”.  Knowing how to ignite a woman’s passion is the fastest way for single men and men in relationships to increase frequency of sex and deeper pleasure in sex.
  • Learn the steps to move a woman through mounting desire in the most natural, non-threatening way that works with her biological, necessary triggers.
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Living From The Feminine

What Women Will Learn

  • Uncover the myth of “sexiness” and find out what really attracts men.
  • Find out the things you do that drive a man away.  Find out what not to do and what to do instead.
  • Give up the masculine way of pursuing a man.  Discover the feminine way to attract a man.
  • Learn how to nourish the Feminine so you can be at your best at work and at home.
  • Learn how to ask for what you want and need in a way that you will get more of what you want.
  • Learn how to get things done around you, from the Feminine.
  • Find out what men really want from you in bed. It’s much, much easier than you thought.

How Energy Leads To Ecstasy

Ecstatic-Connection Touch: A Game-Changer

    • Wipe out monotony and ‘routine” from lovemaking.
    • Discover a touch technique that sets up a back-and-forth connection of deep, even thrilling excitement, between you and a /your partner.
    • Transform touch to give you both an extraordinary experience of pleasure every time you make love (even if your partner doesn’t know how to do this technique).

Kama Marmas

  • These Love Points gently awaken and energize the erotic energy field. Kama Marma prepares the body to receive and transmit sexual energy by simulating specific energy points on the body, in specific sequences, primary, secondary and tertiary.  Kama Marma stimulation opens the body to a deeper flow of erotic energy, making the body and energy field exquisitely sensitive, delivering bliss states during sex.  An exceptional  technique.
    “Learn by doing”- hands-on practice
  • Kama Marma practice with a real person. Safe space.
  • Bring a bathing suit, mat, and a robe or cover-up. (You will receive by email a full list of what to bring). Diagrams and handouts included.


Tantra 2 will take place outside of Toronto in a lovely country setting. Cost for 2 nights’ accommodation and for meals will be in addition to the course cost. We will let you know the cost and location once the venue has been finalized.