*Christmas Savings* Tantra 1 December 7-9, 2018

….A Christmas gift that changes a life. Profound changes that happen over just one weekend and last forever.

Savings of $250

● negative patterns released
● increased confidence
● ability to attract the right partner, or become a better partner
● increased ability to receive and give love
● enhanced peace, trust, love, understanding between Feminine and Masculine
● ability to be deeply present in lovemaking, and let go into pleasure
● healing past issues /get over the past

Giving a gift to a first-time participant:

You can give Tantra 1 as a gift:  And, rather than having to pay in full beforehand, you can pay over several months. We can figure out together what will work for your budget. (For example, 12 months is $113.00 per month/ 10 months is $135 per month. No admin fees added.)

You can give someone the Savings Coupon to use when they register:  And they will get $250 off the cost of the workshop.  You can simply forward this newsletter to them, the coupon is at the bottom / or connect us via email or phone.  Your friend can take advantage of the Payment Plan, too.

Call (416-333-7587)  or reply to this email if you have questions, and for price and payment plan options.

For Reviewers ….. 

Save 50% off the weekend workshop

Go into the New Year with a new and higher level of intimacy, clarity, and peace of mind.  Get into the energy of tantra again. Meet new tantric friends. On the second-time around tantrikas say they get a lot more breakthroughs and power. Experience The Ritual again going deeper into bliss energy this time. (Graduates of Tantra 1 only)

Reviewers – 50% off.

A Payment Plan option is available.

If you’d like to register with the Coupon, or want more information, please fill in the contact form below.