Tantra 2 December 9-11, 2022

Friday 12 pm - Sunday 9 pm

Sex Can Be A Medicine

Is it time for Tantra Level 2 ?
December 9-11, 2022

Do you want to experience a sexual “reset”?
Do you want next-level sexual skills (that go beyond conventional western sex skills)?
Do you want to know simple (but suppressed) ways to provide and receive much more pleasure?
Do you want to communicate really well with the opposite sex and be heard, understood, respected and feel connected?
Do you want to nip relationship upsets in the bud?  And restore the relationship if things go off the rails?
Do you want a home filled with harmony, peace, affection and fun?
Do you want to know how to tell a man what you need in a way that has you get it more of it ?


A 3-day Tantra Workshop in Toronto.  Our venue does not have overnight accommodations. There are hotels and AirBNB nearby if you need accomodations.
For singles or couples.  *Pre-requisite: Tantra Level 1*

Tantra Level 2 takes place once a year. Next year is: December 1-3, 2023.

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Reset Your Sex Life

This technique is a bio-hack that resets your sex life. It keeps ‘feel good’ chemicals circulating in your system
and creates changes in brain chemistry.  A woman’s vigilance centres calm down so she gets less stressed,
creating more peace in the home. Her ability to enter pleasure states becomes faster and more stable.

It’s easier for her to get and stay turned on. She can communicate what she wants and learns to trust it will be provided.

For men the technique is exciting. A man gets power by consistently delivering what she needs sexually.
His attention and focus become extended and stable and is free from concerns about ‘looking good’ or ‘doing it right’.

He can deal well with a ‘no’ and not get reacted, and can communicate in high-charge situations
(like asking for a raise). It restores his energy (better than a nap!).

“Conscious Courtship” – A Method To Have A Woman Respond To Your Overtures 

Many a man, single or in relationship, has found he might get rejected when he makes amorous advances to a woman. For some reason, she is just ‘not in the mood’. Couples sometimes say “over time, sex has become routine” or “sex has become more of a chore than fun”.

Is there a trick to getting a woman ‘in the mood’? Is there a way to bring back the excitement in sex?
Yes, there is.  You will learn that there are sex ‘blockers’  (invisible to men) and there are sex ‘advancers’.

You learn a way (a simple formula, so-to-speak) that makes it easy, fun and thrilling to move a woman through a process of mounting interest.

You learn to do and say the things that cause sexual interest and excitement and how to  not do/say the things that block and shut down interest.

Healing Conversations

Have you ever been confused by a partner’s upset?  Has it ever seemed like it ‘came out of the blue’ or ‘made no sense’?

Upsets engender strong feelings and they can shut down communication and connection.
You may unknowingly aggravate Masculine or Feminine primal instincts and set off an upset accidentally.

Discover how to avoid upsets and also nip an upset in the bud.
Learn a powerful conversation that repairs hurt feelings or feelings of being disrespected
or devalued.
Learn how to restore peace and connection even when things have gone off the rails.

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Questions? Discover If Tantra Is Right For You!

Living From The Feminine

Uncover the myths you were told about attraction and find out what really attracts men.
What do men find fascinating about you? (Your feminine superpowers)
Discover how to attract from the feminine. Give up pursuing men.
Manage the Bright and the Dark side of the Feminine. Learn how to have your feminine flourish.

Tell a man what you need in a way that you’re likely to get more of it.
Find out what you do that drives a man away.
What happens to relationship when you emasculate (It’s not good)
Bring out the best in the the Masculine. Find out what men really want from you.
It’s easier than you thought.

Ecstatic Touch 

Do you find  foreplay does not motivate you and doesn’t give you any pleasure?
Do you get impatient or bored?
This simple tantric technique sets up a back-and-forth flow of excitement between you and your partner.
It has staggeringly pleasurable results that will change your love life.

Next-Level Sexual Know-How

Blended orgasms (trigger two kinds of orgasm at once)
Optimal clitoral stroking: location, speed, pacing
Penetration techniques (Manual and Intercourse)

For 90% of women the clitoris is located too far from the
vaginal opening to feel pleasure during intercourse. Get an
intercourse technique that overcomes this and provides mind-boggling pleasure for her.

G-spot massage (including how to find the G-spot)
Benefits of anal massage for women.
Prostate massage for men.

Communicating Well

The Masculine and Feminine have very different reasons why they speak and listen.
Not knowing how this works can lead to accidental but dreadful communication breakdowns.

Get useful tools to respect and work with how your partner is wired to communicate.
Be heard, understood, respected and connected.

Kama Marmas

Kama Marma stimulation prepares the body to receive and transmit energy.
It opens the body to a deep flow of pure energy, making the body and
energy field exquisitely sensitive.

“Learn by doing”. You will learn theory and also have hands-on practice of
Kama Marmas with a real person. Safe space.

Done in bathing suit or swim shorts. Bring a robe.
Diagrams and a manual are included.


Tantra 2 will take place in Toronto.

Don Valley Parkway and Eglinton Avenue East.