A Healthy Environment

Dear Tantra 1 Participant

In preparation for your participation in your Tantra 1 course, we want to let you know that we are monitoring developments with the Coronavirus, and we are taking appropriate actions consistent with what health officials and health professionals have said.

To support your health and well-being during your program, we strongly recommend, as protective measures against the Coronavirus, you do the following:

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and especially after using the restroom and before eating.
  2. Also, as available, use a hand sanitizer.
  3. Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes.
  4. Avoid shaking hands.
  5. If you have upper-respiratory symptoms (coughing, fever, other flu-like symptoms), please notify us and stay home; and we recommend you consult a doctor.
  6. And otherwise, if you need to cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your elbow.

Following the above steps can make the difference for you and everyone.

  • During the course we will remind everyone of these basic protective actions.
  • We will take temperatures each morning using a non-invasive “temperature gun” before allowing entrance to the meeting room.
  • Sanitizing hand-cleaning gel will be provided to each participant.
  • Four well-stocked bathrooms are available for washing your hands.
  • High contact surfaces such as light switches and doorknobs will be disinfected several times per day.
In addition, we recommend you read the information in the links, for further protection pf yourself and others.
Good news in China:

 The latest information at the World Health Organization website, is  here..

Thank you for being responsible for your own and others’ well-being.

Lucy Becker