Full-Body Orgasm

 Full Body Orgasm

It is possible to experience orgasm everywhere in the body, not just in the genitals.  Using meditation, breathwork and visualization this Full Body Orgasm Technique clears out blocks in your energy system; in the chakras and nadis (energy pathways).
Orgasmic energy is able to flow unimpeded through the entire body.  Orgasm expands as it naturally flows throughout the energy system and altered states are often experienced.  A Graduate Program.
Date:  Friday, July 6,  2018
Time:  7 pm – 10:30 pm.
Location:  Liberty Village area (King and Strachan),  Toronto

Prerequisite: Full-Body Orgasm Technique is open to graduates who have completed Tantra Level 1 / and one other Intermediary Level course:  Either Oli or Tantra Level 2.  Note that this is not an Entry Level class, it is open only to graduates.