Tantra Is Sacred Sexuality That Honours The Human Spirit

Tantra (Sacred Sexuality) is an ancient yogic and spiritual tradition from India. The purpose of tantra is to provide tools for humanity to progress forward in its spiritual evolution. It helps the human species to elevate itself, to transform to higher states of being.

 Although there are many paths to Enlightenment tantra is considered the accelerated path.

One way in which tantra is distinct from other spiritual practices is that it provides tools to cultivate and expand sexual energy.

This intensified sex energy is used as a “fuel” to add power and velocity to spiritual practices and accelerate spiritual growth. Tantra (Sacred Sexuality) gives tools for bringing Light (sometimes called God-energy, Universal Life Force etc.) into the body and contain it within. Sex energy becomes a resource to attain higher consciousness, ultimately leading to union with Divine Consciousness.

Tantra also works for those who are not interested in higher consciousness, but who would like to bring spirituality into sex or who would like to have more intense sexual experiences and pleasure. Even if you are are someone who says you are “not spiritual” or “not into spirituality” tantra will work.

Tantra encompasses many methods such as yoga postures, meditation, pranayama (breath work), health and healing, energy practices, yantra, mantra and tantric sexual practices. Exercises to dissolve blocks to trust, intimacy and love as well as work to elevate self-regard and confidence are included.

The #1 RATED Tantra, Sacred Sexuality & Couple Intimacy Workshops in Toronto

“As a man I was able to own my masculinity and attract and keep the women I wanted in my life”


Lucy Becker was voted #1 Tantra Teacher in Toronto by the respected alternative periodical NOW Magazine. She is the founder of the Tantra Center of Toronto, also known as Tantra Workshops and has been teaching tantra (sacred sexuality and couple intimacy workshops) around the world for more than 20 years.

Lucy has been teaching tantra in Canada and the US since 1996 at the University of Toronto Women’s Centre and University of Toronto Sex Peer Counselling Service, and Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Articles featuring Tantra Workshops have appeared in local and national print: Toronto  Star;  National PostFlare magazine and ELLE.  Television appearances include ‘Sex TV”‘  and ‘Sex  Matters’  (City TV) and radio broadcasts both in the Toronto area and in the United Kingdom.

Lucy has worked to establish a relationship of trust with the wider community and has built a reputation for courses that result in long-lasting, life-changing outcomes in intimacy, sexuality and relationships for couples and singles alike.

tantra teacher lucy
Questions? Discover If Tantra Is Right For You!


Tantra Level 1 is our entry-level course.  It is the prerequisite for registering in Intermediate Level programs- Tantra Level 2 and the Oli Program.  More advanced level courses are available to graduates upon completion of  Tantra Level 1,  Tantra Level 2 and Oli Program.

Tantra Level 1

Tantra Level 1

Tantra is an ancient yogic tradition which explores relationship and sexuality from a spiritual perspective. This weekend  is an extensive entry-level tantra workshop, on retreat in a country setting.

Tantra Level 1

2017 – 2018

September 29-30 

November 17-19

January 26-28

April 6-8

Tantra Level 1 courses take place 4 times per year. There are two courses early in the year and  two in the Fall.

Tantra Level 2

Tantra Level 2

Tantra 2 is an intermediate-level tantra course.  It focuses on practical skills and lots of practice time. It includes a manual for your reference at home.

Tantra Level 2


2017:  June 23-25  (*complete)

2018:   May 25-27   

Tantra 2 takes place once a year

Prerequisite: Tantra Level 1

The Oli Program

The Oli Program

7 weeks. Ejaculation control and male multiple orgasm for men. Connecting with the Sacred Sexual Fire within, for women. Learning powerful, explosive tantric orgasm and Sacred Spot Orgasm (G-spot).


Oli Program 


January 14  (*complete)

April 29      (*complete)

May 11        (*complete)

December 2      Saturdays    4:00 pm – 8 pm  

Prerequisite for acceptance into the Oli Program: Tantra Level 1

Questions? Discover If Tantra Is Right For You!


  • Have more connection or intimacy with my partner
  • Improve relationship
  • Be more self-expressed
  • Bring back the original sexual excitement
  • Improve sexual skills (mine or my partner’s)
  • Attract the right  partner
  • Deal with unresolved issues
  • Connect deeply with my femininity / masculinity
  • Do less thinking during sex
  • Have sex be less mechanical /  less routine
  • Learn and enforce healthy boundaries
  • Be ready to start again after loss/ divorce/  break-up
  • Last longer (men)
  • Learn to orgasm / explosive orgasms consistently
  • Get over sexual shame
  • Discover /enhance my own sensuality
  • Own that I am a  sexual being
  • Learn to receive love
  • Trust men/ trust women
  • Be comfortable talking about sex
Questions? Discover If Tantra Is Right For You!


5 star tantra workshop

“I am without words when people ask me, “so, how was your workshop?” Words like amazing, incredible, revealing and life-changing, magical, inspiring, transformational … can’t begin to describe my experience.
I am not the same woman I was on Friday night. I’m flying in my feminine. I’m no longer withholding my femininity from men. ” Ms GS 47

5 star tantra workshop

” As a man I always thought  that my sexual energy was bad  and that I should not show it . Now I’m very comfortable about having lots of sexual energy circulating in me. In fact, I use the energy  during my day to be more creative and to give me vitality.”   Mark S. , 37, MBA

5 star tantra workshop

“I grew up in a harsh, religious environment, where sex was considered bad.  This affected me during my whole life. In my marriage of 30 years I had very little sex.  I have separated  now and am exploring my sexuality very happily,  with no guilt.  I can’t believe how happy I am!” LA , Ms.  M.C . Mortgage Broker, 50

5 star tantra workshop

“I am a sales representative.  The week after taking Tantra 1, I signed my biggest sale in two years. It also was one of my easiest.  I attribute my success to the Tantra 1 course because  I was able to release blocks that were holding me back. Its difficult to express just how powerful the Tantra 1 course is.” Leanne 

5 star tantra workshop

“When I walked into a room, heads turned  (both men and women) because something was different about my energy, it was much more attractive. For the 2 days after I did the workshop, every male at my work would not leave for about 15 minutes, very unusual. They just stayed to talk to me because my energy was different, but they didn’t know that, I think.  I was even attracting men off the street into work! Sounds weird, and it was definitely out of the norm but very noticeable.” Ms. P.M.  37 

5 star tantra workshop

I have been noticing this energetic “hugging” on the subway with women… even though we pretend not to be looking at each other, but sometimes we can’t help but to peek (haha). The longing for connection between men and women is really beautiful.
Mr. MK,  29